Flexible, customized IT anywhere to meet your needs.


Our team has extensive experience in building cloud based environments from the ground up.  We know what it takes to keep the Cloud running, stable, and always accessible so you can work when and where you want to!  Cloud services are not limited to having your email hosted somewhere else; we can also migrate your entire server infrastructure to a hosted platform.  This means no more hardware purchases every four years!  The ability to remotely access your desktop and all of your files from anywhere in the world has become the leading IT concept over the last several years.

Private Cloud

Not all clients are a perfect fit for the cloud solution!  In our experience, there are plenty of businesses in locations that limit their ability to get fast reliable internet.  This can cause poor performance when working remotely, and we realize the gravity of needing to have a productive and efficient work environment.  Based on our assessment of your environment, we can explore the possibility of setting up a Private Cloud in your office.  This means that you still get all the great benefits of a Cloud based solution, without the loss of productivity due to a poor internet connection.  Additionally, if you have the server already, and don’t want to pay monthly fees to have your environment housed outside your office, but still want the benefits of a cloud based solution, this would also be a great fit for your organization!

Managed Services

Cloud based services are definitely not for every company.  If cloud based services are not a fit for your business, or you simply don’t want to make the leap into the technology, Martussen IT will still gladly support your environment and provide fast, top level support!

Martussen IT will cover all of your IT needs.  Our primary service is to provide consulting and assistance that will make your IT work for you!  Our team consists of experienced engineers, providing you with quality support every time.  We will assist with on-call support, remote support, system maintenance, and project coverage.

  • On-Call Support: Our engineers are available to assist with any emergencies that may arise with your environment.  We believe you should not have to wait until the next business day, and we are dedicated to assisting you as quickly as possible!
  • Remote Support: Martussen IT offers remote support for issues that don’t warrant an on-site visit.  We believe that providing this service creates faster results for you and your team so you can get back to work.
  • System Maintenance: As part of our agreement to be professional partners, we suggest regular server and workstation maintenance be performed. This includes patching systems, checking and testing backups, reviewing event logs for preventative maintenance, and general system tune-up. We believe in a proactive approach to your IT infrastructure rather than a reactive one.
  • Project Coverage: We are happy to assist with discovery, planning, and implementation of projects. Our team has years of experience in this field, and will take as much pain out of change as possible.

Martussen IT focuses on desktop, server, network, and general application support.  Our combined experience in working with businesses like yours, has made us familiar with supporting most vendor applications on the market. We have extensive experience supporting any server operating system, as well as any database, or email programs that you are currently using.